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Free Rosary App for Android!

This is a free rosary audio application that I just released on the Android Market!


5 Responses to “Free Rosary App for Android!”

  • victor says:

    The app with the new bug fix for large screens works preety well and its highly recommended for all catholics who for one reason or the other dont get to say the rosary as often as should be said. Its great for those tab huggers like me and manyy others i would have paid to get it but its actually FREE.

  • Sue C says:

    Joe, I love this App, and wanted to thank you for creating it. It has made praying the Rosary an absolute joy. Its hard to get into formal prayer when you live on your own, but the solace of feeling I am praying with other people makes me look forward to that peaceful quiet time of prayer at the end of the day. I wish you many blessings in your work.

  • Carlos Alejandro Arias says:

    Excelente aplicación para rezar el rosario. Ya lo he rezando ej Inglés. Además de rezar aprender Inglés le rezo a María.

  • Lorence Issa says:

    I too wanted to thank you for this app… Great works flawlessly on the nexus 4.


  • Dr. Mr Meinke
    Hello, and blessings. I just want to thank you for the Scriptural Rosary that I can listen to on my way to work. It is a wonderful blessing for somebody coming home to their faith. I want to thank you for creating it. It has made praying the Rosary an absolute experience of bliss Nd joy.

    I am in the process of learning Spanish. I was so excited when I saw your icon on the search in Play Store of the scriptural Rosary in Spanish. Unfortunately, it was not the scriptural Rosary. I am praying and hoping that at some time you will make this happen. It would really be phenomenal to say 2 scriptural Rosaries a day. 1 in English, 1 in Spanish, it wouldn’t get any better than that. Hahaha. Please contact me if you should ever do so, and may God bless you. I will continue to keep you in my prayers when I say my scriptural Rosary everyday.


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