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Divine Mercy v1.3 Released

By user request, I’ve added ff/rw buttons and a seekbar to the app.  For those of us who get distracted (myself included), this is a nice feature to have so that you can ‘back up’ a bit and re-focus:

8 Responses to “Divine Mercy v1.3 Released”

  • beth says:

    Joe, Is there any chance we can get the Rosary app or Ipad or Iphone. I just absolutely love your app and I used it every day when I had my adnroid phone. Now that I have an iphone, i’m so sad that I can’t get your great app. If there’s no iphone app, could I get an audio download on my itunes somehow? Please help. I’m lost without my audio rosary. And yours is so perfect. Thanks!

  • Sandra says:

    Hello Joe, I’d like to thank you for this app. There’s one thing that I would like not to be there every time I open the app though. Is there any way that you could have it so that once we choose our image, that message will not appear again? This does not have an option to not see that message again.

    I hope you can resolve that.

    Thanks Joe. 🙂

    Peace & Love in Christ


    • Joe Meineke says:

      The message *should* stop appearing after 5 launches. If it is not, then that is a bug. Can you let me know how many times you have launched it? Thanks.

  • Julisa DuBois says:

    Is this app no longer available on Google play store? My mother has it and I want it.

  • Paula says:

    Joe just anted you to know I have been using your rosary app for years and still the best out there.

    Thanks and God Bless you

    • Joe Meineke says:

      Sorry for not responding sooner, but thank you for writing. Glad you like the apps.

      May God bless you,


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