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Android Lodge® Dutch Oven Coal Calculator Released

A simple, free, easy to use Dutch Oven Calculator.

The calculations in this application are based closely (but not exactly) on the values published by Lodge Logic®.

NOTE – If you are not using Lodge® cookware, you may need to make adjustments for your particular oven brand.

Cooking style can be changed to bake, roast, stew or fry.

The application has a visual indicator of Slow, Moderate, Hot, or Very Hot rankings for the selected temperatures. This is due to the fact that some cookbooks do not specify a temperature. Those rankings roughly translate into the following temperatures:

Slow – 250 to 350
Moderate – 350 to 400
Hot – 400 to 450
Very Hot – 450 to 500

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  • Luz Maria Orozco says:

    Me gustaria aprener la letania del rosario en audio.y un rosario oara gusta escuchar este es muy bello Dios les bendiga..gracias x sus enseñanzas.

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