Joe Meineke

A Bench for the Wife

This is a project I completed last summer for my wife.  She wanted a simple bench that we could use at our kitchen table to accommodate our growing family.

My inspiration for this design came in part from a highly skilled professional blacksmith, Jeff Gawell, who owns The Forge at Cedar Hill.

His spiral staircase rails are made from 2.5″ x .5″ hot-rolled steel and are hammered to give an amazing finish.  Using that same technique and material, I made the support “squares” for this bench.

The wood is Black Walnut with a Mahogany stain and a clear satin top-coat.The underside isn’t pretty, but it is very strong (in spite of the ugly appearance of the welds, there is plenty of penetration into the 1/2″ steel to hold up under a lot of weight)

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