Joe Meineke

The Old Rugged (iron) Cross

These crosses make very nice gifts and are fun to make too.  I use 1/2″ mild-steel bar stock for these crosses and 1020 steel bases.

One fun fact about these crosses is what’s inside!  I first drill a 5/16″ hole in the bottom of the cross to a depth of about 3/4″.  I then fill that hole with salt that was blessed by a Roman Catholic Priest.  After the hole is filled to about 1/2″, I weld the the hole closed creating a permanent seal.  Then, I have the cross blessed as well.

Blending the welds is the tricky part on these crosses.  You have to do a bit of grinding with an angle grinder and then apply the texture on the welds with a hammer, but the end result looks very nice.  Before any of the pieces are welded together, they are all textured.As you can see, there are many options for texturing – I use ball-pein, cross-pein and flat hammers to achieve the textures shown in the picture.

These are wonderful Spiritual Warfare crosses and make great gifts for clergy, family and friends!

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